Shule Protest Against Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's, 748 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

1:15pm: Meet at the Morse School playground on the corner of Granite and Magazine Streets.

A bus for Shule families will leave the Workmen's Circle at 12:45pm.  Each family is asked to contribute $5-10 to help cover the cost of the bus. Please pack a bagged lunch too.

Join our hey (fifth grade) class in its annual labor action or "sweatshop protest".  This year, they are marching on Trader Joe's for its refusal to work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) in its efforts to improve the working conditions of Florida's farmworkers who earn sub-poverty wages and no benefits whatsoever. The CIW has been fighting hard for over 10 years to make things better, but some corporations, including Trader Joe's, refuse to sign onto the campaign. What would better conditions look like?  The CIW wants a wage increase, a strict code of conduct, a cooperative complaint resolution system, a participatory health and safety program, and a worker-to-worker education process.   Help make this happen by marching with our Hey class on December 11!
Read more about the campaign here