Preshuler Playtime

811 Washington St. #3, Brookline*

Looking for a way your littlest children can participate? Have a child who’s not old enough for Sunday School, or who’s tagging along with an older sibling? Join Preshuler (Preschooler) Playtime!

Preshuler Playtime is a monthly playgroup in a Jewish context for parents with pre-schoolers. Each get-together starts with informal and fun children’s activities related to a Jewish or social justice holiday and includes lots of time for play, either outside at a nearby park or at a nearby home.  Babies and toddlers are also welcome.
This month:  Hanukkah
Craft (make-your-own dreidel or menorah), story, singing, open play time
* Note the change in location.  Folks with allergies should also know that this home has a cat that will be in another room during the event.