Aging in Community Discussion

Runkle School in Brookline

The BWC Aging in Community Committee is pleased to host a new discussion series. Join us for this first session, where participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their  thoughts, hopes and concerns about their own lives.

We will address: How to live our lives in the best and most satisfying ways we can. What are our strengths, our assets, and how do we make the best of them? What are our worries, our fears? Some subjects we might cover:

            * Our relationships with significant others, our children, our close friends;

            * Finances: how will we pay for the quality of life we desire?

            * Where will we live? How do we plan for this?

            * The activities and interests that give our lives meaning, once we retire;

            * Staying involved and active in community.

These are a sample of matters we might discuss; there are undoubtedly others which people will bring.

The group will be led by Michael Furstenberg, a clinical psychologist, and member of the Aging Committee.