Join us in a 120-year-old tradition of support!

Despite the world being turned upside down this year, you held on to our shared values of chesed, loving kindness, and a deeply-rooted commitment to justice.
Grounded in our 120-year old foundation of mutual aid, our community has been more resilient than I ever could have imagined. Within weeks of closing down in-person programs, we migrated ALL our programs to virtual platforms, continuing our work to fight oppression, celebrate Yiddishkayt, and care for each other. Thank you for coming along with us on that journey!

I invite you to lean in and be a part of our self-sustaining community now more deeply than you have before. Today, I'm asking you to make a year-end gift to empower our growing community.

Hope, connection, and community has never been more important. For generations, BWC has provided a space for people to share resources and to build community and collective power. Your support makes this work possible.
Our ancestors understood that the forces of white supremacy, racism and antisemitism are built into the foundation of this country. They provided us with the tools to have each other’s backs when the state does not.
We are committed to continue serving thousands of people this year through hundreds of virtual programs. I hope you will deepen your commitment to our self-sustaining community by helping us raise $70,000 through this year-end appeal. We need your heart, your voice, and your support today.
In community,
Jen Kiok
Executive Director