Acting for Racial and Economic Justice

Acting for Racial and Economic Justice (AFREJ) works for racial and economic justice in the BWC community, the Jewish community, and Boston community at large. 

AFREJ has multiple working groups. Please visit their pages for more information: 

1) Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary (IJS) Working Group: IJS was formed in the wake of the 2016 election as a response to the growing threats to immigrant communities in the Greater Boston area. Over the past three years we have worked on a number of initiatives including supporting the Safe Communities Act to make MA a sanctuary state; being a founding member of the Newton Sanctuary and Solidarity Collaborative which provided space to a family facing deportation for a year; and partnering with the Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN/Beyond) to support folks in immigrantation detention. We are currently focused on building a network of BWC members to support people being bailed out of immigrant detention by BIJAN. To get involved or for more information, contact the co-chairs, Libby Shrobe and Deanne Dworski-Riggs at

2) Reparations Working Group:  The reparations working group follows the 5 dimensions delineated by The UN Framework On Reparations as we learn, discuss and act together to build a culture of reparations in our lives and in our community. These dimensions make it clear that reparations is more than just writing a check; it is a process of acknowledging and taking responsibility for the impacts of slavery and the racist institutions and systems implemented after its abolishment (i.e Jim Crow laws, segregation, redlining, the prison-industrial complex, etc.) from which white people benefit. For more info and resources check out our Reparations Group Doc.

We invite you to get involved! Email committee chair Nakhie Faynshteyn at

AFREJ is currently meeting via Zoom, once a month on Thursdays.

The Acting for Racial and Economic Justice Committee (AFREJ) organizes our membership to support local racial justice, environmental justice, labor and immigrant struggles. Our labor and immigrant solidarity work honors the history of the Workers Circle, once known as the “Red Cross of Labor.” The committee gained momentum in response to the 2008 economic crisis, and continues to respond to today’s unstable and unjust economic challenges.

Building on BWC's commitment to racial justice, the Acting for Economic Justice (AFEJ) committee expanded its mission beginning in 2015 and became Acting for Racial and Economic Justice (AFREJ). We held a community wide kickoff meeting exploring the question - How can we as white Jews, Jews of Color and our allies work for racial and economic justice in the BWC community and the Boston community at-large?

Adding to the racial justice work we committed to in 2015, the committee voted on setting three new priority working groups in May 2019- reparations, climate justice, and electoral education.  

Take a look at this list of resources about racial justice compiled by AFREJ members.