Teens Acting for Social Change

TASC youth fight for $15

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC) is a group of energized teens making a difference in our world. TASCers build community, learn about social justice issues, and take action.

Teens run the group with the assistance of our adult coordinator, Liz Krushnic. TASC meets on alternating Sundays during the school year at various Boston locations.

This past year, TASC participated in trainings and actions, gained organizing skills, and took on a new role with the Shule:

  • TASC participated in anti-oppression trainings on sexism, racism, islamophobia, & anti-semitism

  • TASC developed their facilitation skills

  • TASC participated in several actions including an anti-inauguration #JewishResistance rally & the Walk for Water 5K in Support of Palestinian Refugees

  • TASC connected with the Shule community by:

    • Inviting parents and kids to write cards to local mosques at the Chanukah Party

    • Learning about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and showing up at the 5th grade Labor Protest

    • Facilitating a bystander intervention workshop for the 6th (Vov) grade class

  • TASC had fun social time including:

    • A team-building retreat

    • Marching in the HONK parade

    • Catering at the BWC Auction

    • Competing in their own cook-off!

    • Canoeing outing

TASC is open to Shule graduates and all interested teens in 8th, 9th, & 10th grade!


Registration requirements:

Call the office at 617-566-6281 or email Liz with questions or for more information.