Middle East Working Group

Our work in support of a just peace between Israel and the Palestinian people is guided by principles developed by the Middle East Working Group and adopted by the Board of Boston Workmen’s Circle:

  • Ending the occupation
  • Establishing two viable states, a homeland for the Jewish people and a homeland for the Palestinian people
  • An end to the violence on all sides
  • Making room for a diversity of views

1for3 Walk for Water 5K - Support Palestinian Refugees
Saturday, April 22nd, 9:45 AMNorth Plaza @ Kendall Square
Walk with or donate to the BWC Team for 1for3's Second Annual Walk for Water 5K in support of Palestinian Refugees! Learn more.
No Place to Call Home: My Life as a Palestinian Refugee

Sunday, April 30th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us for a book talk and discussion with Thaer Abdallah, a Palestinian artist and human rights activist.  Thaer will share stories of wisdom and resilience from the life of his mother, Thuraya Ahmad Hasan Ghannam.  Forced from Haifa as a child in 1948, she raised 13 children, survived five wars and lived in countless refugee camps. Learn more
We are proud to stand up as a progressive voice on Israel/Palestine in the Greater Boston Jewish
community. But that doesn’t mean we all agree on the path to security and peace. We strive to foster an open and respectful environment in which a range of views can be aired and discussed. Through educational programs, dialogue groups, and membership forums, we grapple with many of the tough issues Jews face today concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
For more information, contact committee co-chair Stan Habib at stanley.habib@gmail.com