Member to Member Discussion Group

Now you can communicate directly with other Boston Workmen’s Circle members about upcoming events of interest, meeting up at a demonstration, items for sale, services needed and more! Just sign up for the Member-to-Member list serve.


If you have any problems joining, please contact the office:

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User agreement:

The new Boston Workmen's Circle (BWC) opt-in list is an email distribution list for people who identify as members or friends of BWC. It is being established in response to popular demand from members who want to have informal ways to connect with our larger community. People should use this list to let others know of issues and events of interest that fall outside the range of official or sponsored BWC matters or for mutual aid requests to the larger community.

This is a self-moderated, flame-free email distribution list that is open to anyone who is willing to adhere to the basic principles of civil society, both in tone and quantity of postings. A minimum level of discussion (back and forth) is anticipated, but this is not set up as a discussion list. If more extensive interpersonal conversations are desired, they should be taken "off list" and done in civil tones through direct contact between individuals. Participants should be mindful of most people's frustrations with email volume.
If you are hoping to promote an event to the list, in the spirit of helping to maintain a reasonable email volume, if this event is a BWC committee activity, please limit your notices to the list to one per week. If you are promoting a non-BWC event, please limit yourself to 2 postings total (like a save-the-date and a last minute reminder).
If any user of the list feels that some individual or discussion thread violates the terms of civil discourse, or if a list member is pursuing inappropriate contact through direct email, please send a note with specific concerns to Users who violate these terms will be contacted by BWC staff with the complaint and possibly banned from further participation.
Because it is an opt-in list, users can also opt-out at any point by following the instructions at the bottom of each message.
The events promoted and opinions stated in this list are those of individual users and DO NOT REPRESENT official Boston Workmen's Circle policy.
Thanks for supporting BWC and enjoy yourselves while connecting with the community.