Toward Justice and Equality in Israeli Society

Boston Workmen's Circle Building, 2nd Floor

Please join us for a community conversation with Nadia Ben-Youssef, US Representative at Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and Ben Murane, Senior Strategy Officer at the New Israel Fund.

Today in Israel, 95% of Israelis say racism is a problem. 79% say there is anti-Ethiopian racism, and 68% say there is anti-Arab racism. 70% feel the government doesn’t do enough to combat racism.

Our speakers will share strategies and stories focusing on the work of Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel working to close budget gaps, improve relations, and achieve equality.

Ordinary Israelis and American Jews are waking up to dangerous trends long-ignored -- or even fueled by some sitting cabinet members. Arabs and Jews are redoubling their efforts toward a truly just and equal society.

For more information, contact Boston Workmen’s Circle: (617) 526-6281 or Aliza Schwartz at NIF: (617) 467-5678.

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