Legislative Action

The State House

Join the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization for an afternoon of lobbying in support of health care cost control.  The Governor has introduced "payment reform" legislation meant to improve quality of care and reign in high prices. The Massachusetts House and Senate are expected to follow soon -- perhaps as soon as this fall to early winter -- with their own bills.  GBIO, working in partnership with Healthcare for All, wants to ensure our voice -- that of consumers and patients is heard in the crafting, negotiating and passing of this legislation.

We will hold a short Rally at noon. The rally will last about 30 minutes. We would like to have as large of a turnout as possible for this rally.  
The rally will be followed by a short training on how to visit your legislators.
Then, we will go on visits to our House reps and Senators.  Health Care for All staff will assist us in setting up appointments with our legislators.