Ladino/Sephardic Shabes


Call it what you will, it’s a very good way to spend a Friday night!

Join us for a Shabbat program and potluck dinner to celebrate Sephardic culture! BWC members Stan Habib, Raúl Salinas, and Michelle Weiser will share their own family stories, the history of Sepharadim and the Ladino langauage, and their connections to this rich culture and beautiful language. All are welcome! 

Shabes gatherings include conversation, ritual blessings, inspiring texts, singing, and potluck dinners. This is a time for reflection, restoration, and spirituality. The Shabes Committee oversees monthly programs led by different hosts who provide personalized additions to the ritual.

The evening will start at 6:30 PM with time to settle in and schmooze. A Shabes ritual will start at 6:45 PM, followed by a potluck dinner around 7 PM.

Download a sample ritual program book.

Please bring a dish to share when you join us for Shabes. No time to cook? Many of us bring takeout! We’ll provide the wine, juice, and challah.

Each monthly Shabes gathering is organized by two community members. If you are interested in organizing a future Shabes gathering, please email Jill Edelson and check out our manual on leading Shabes.

Learn more about the Shabes Gathering program.