Greater Boston Interfaith Organization’s
New and Fair Revenue Campaign Kick-off Press Conference and Rally

The State House, exact location TBD

Thursday, March 14th  2013 12-2pm, The State House, Location to be announced.

GBIO has decided to join its voice to others, including Governor Patrick, a coalition of labor unions, and a state wide coalition of community groups called Campaign for Our Communities, calling for an increase of 2 billion dollars in state revenues. The GBIO campaign will support the following positions:

1.      Massachusetts will raise two billion dollars in new revenues, raised  to have a progressive effect so that poor people will not be hurt.

2.      The increased funds will target education and transportation, including improvements in roads, bridges, and mass transit.

3.      Accountability in expenditures – that is, setting benchmarks to measure if the new revenues are being spent efficiently and on the desired targets.

4.      GBIO has not yet endorsed a specific tax package.

GBIO is hoping to organize as large a presence at the press conference as possible. As members of GBIO, a large Boston Workmen’s Circle contingent would be terrific. We recognize the difficulty in getting to a 12 noon weekday rally, so we are hoping by sending this out as early as possible, people will be able to clear their schedules in order to be present, even if for not the full time.

Boston Workmen's Circle is a member of GBIO.