Community Shabes Gathering: Hosted by Shule

BWC Building, 2nd Floor
On April 7, come celebrate the end of the week with our Shule Shabes. This event is open to all BWC members with a special invitation to Shule families.
In order to promote the peace and contentment of Shabes (and feed our hungry children) WE WILL START WITH A POTLUCK AT 6:15 PM and THE SERVICE WILL BEGIN AT 7 PM. The theme for the service, “Maimonides Ladder of Tsedakah - known as Eight Levels of Charity” was picked by the evening’s host, Ilana Schwartz, who is in the Daled Class. Patty Nolan, parent of two Shule graduates will share hosting with Ilana. 
Note that this Shabes is starting a little earlier than our usual Shabes, so please come on time!

Please bring a dish to share when you join us for Shabes. No time to cook? Many of us bring takeout! We’ll provide the wine, juice, and challah.

Each monthly Shabes gathering is organized by two community members. If you are interested in organizing a future Shabes gathering, please email Jill Edelson or Marie Ariel and check out our manual on leading Shabes.

Learn more about the Shabes Gathering program.