Beit Midrash with Keshet: Mit Gezang Tsum Kamf (With Song to the Struggle): An Introduction to the Jewish Labor Movement through Yiddish Songs

Nate Smith House, 155 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain

6:30 pm — Nosh and schmooze, 7 pm — Learning session

We will explore (and sing!) Yiddish songs about justice, liberation, and the struggle for worker’s rights as a way to understand the history of the Jewish labor movement in ‚Ä®Europe and America from the 1890s through the 1930s. These songs provide a fun and accessible entry point into the varied ideologies, organizations, and major historical events of the Yiddish-speaking, Jewish left. We’ll discuss the lasting impacts of the Jewish labor movement through the present day and the untapped potential for this history to inform current movements for social justice. Facilitated by Shayn Smulyan.

Workmen's Circle is co-sponsoring this Keshet event.