Aging in Community Session

Runkle School in Brookline

The Aging in Community Committee was formed this year to gather the voices of BWC’s older members and determine if and how our community can sustain and nourish us as we age. We provide opportunities for learning, support and activism.

Join us for our next session, where we will break up into two groups to discuss the topics below:

A.  Coping with physical  losses.  What are the practical and emotional issues we face as we age physically?  What strategies can we use to live well with physical limitations and  mitigate future losses?  This will be an open-ended discussion about health concerns.   Facilitated by Andy Strauss.

B.  Stability, security and safety, self care, connections with others —these are the issues we grapple with as we age.    We invite you to a facilitated conversation to talk about these basic needs and share our hopes and fears about the future.   Facilitated by Mike Furstenburg.

Learn more about the Aging in Community Committee.