Aging in Community: Facilitated Group Discussion on Unfinished Business

Runkle School, 50 Druce St. Brookline

We are kicking off our Spring programs for the Aging in Committee cohort with a facilitated small group discussion on growing older and unfinished business, with opportunities for personal sharing and reflection. What “unfinished business” is there in your life?  Things you want to say, do, feel, learn, teach? Share your goals, challenges and solutions with other older BWC participants.


The Aging in Community Committee was formed in 2016 to gather the voices of BWC’s older members and determine if and how our community can sustain and nourish us as we age. We provide opportunities for learning, support and activism.

Our 2019-2020 Program Calendar includes: 

All programs will take place on Sundays, 10:30 AM at the Runkle School 50 Druce St., Brookline unless otherwise noted. We hope you will join us!

  • Feb. 10th: Two short stories from "Tell Me a Riddle" by Tillie Olsen. We will read and discuss "I Stand Here Ironing" and the story "Tell Me a Riddle." Published in 1961, these two stories are about reflecting back on life from old age and family relationships in the face of the illness and death of an aging wife and mother. One reviewer called it "heartbreaking, bittersweet, insanely brilliant prose."  Please read the two stories before we meet.
  • March 10th: Public Policy Choices: Yes or No to Physician Assisted Suicide? We will watch and discuss a 28-minute HBO video entitled “Right to Die”.  When California enacted the End of Life Option Act last October amid fierce debate, the number of terminally ill Americans with the right to a doctor-assisted death effectively quadrupled. But in parts of Europe, euthanasia is administered far beyond the terminally ill, including those with autism, depression, and personality disorders. VICE's Vikram Gandhi talks with people on both sides of the heated debate surrounding the right to die.
  • April 28th: Small Group Discussions – Join us for a facilitated discussion group with the topic chosen by the participants who attend.
  • May 5th: Adult Children with Aging Parents-Many BWC families are caring not only for their children but also for aging parents.  And many of our older members have “been there” and have valuable lessons to share. What are your challenges?  Strategies? Frustrations? Share and learn with BWC members across multiple generations
  • June: Party Time! Date and Details TBD. 


The 2019-2020 Aging in Community programs are supported by a grant from the Brookline Community Foundation. The Brookline Community Foundation (BCF) shines a spotlight on community needs, inspires philanthropy and awards strategic grants to build a more vibrant, engaged and equitable Brookline. To support this mission, each year BCF makes grants that address needs and opportunities in the community, encourage collaborations and partnerships to better serve the town and our residents, and strengthen local non-­‚Äźprofits.