1for3 Walk for Water 5K In Support of Palestinian Refugees

North Plaza@Kendall Square, 300 Athenaeum St. Cambridge

Join Shule and the Middle East Working Group in the 1for3 Walk for Water 5K in Support of Palestinian Refugees.

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Charles River with your family and friends! This family-friendly 5K FUNdraiser will begin and end at North Plaza@Kendall Square (300 Athenaeum St. Cambridge). We will walk along Memorial Drive to the Hyatt and back.

Walk start time is 11am, but arrive early to pick up your T-shirt. The fun and solidarity continue on the North Plaza with prizes, music, goodie bags, a discounted Aceituna Grill lunch coupon, and more after the walk.

Click here to register to walk with the BWC team or, if you are not walking, click here to donate to the BWC team. See below for more detailed instructions.

1for3 began working in Aida Refugee Camp (Bethlehem, West Bank) to help tackle the water crisis that the 6000+ residents deal with on a daily basis. The Aida Water Garden project (AWG) will be built on the only available open space in the camp, which is ~25,000 sq. ft. This tiny piece of land currently has a small dirt soccer field and is the only running field for over 3000 children. After several trips and in partnership with Tufts and Harvard University professors and graduate students, 1for3 joined forces with Lajee Center, a local NGO, to establish a comprehensive plan to address the water issues as well as add to the overall quality of life in the camp.

More Information about 1for3:

1for3.org is a non-profit organization made up of professionals and professors including Engineers, Water experts, Architects, Landscape designers, Anthropologists, Entrepreneurs, Education consultants and Media experts. They came together to help bring the 6000+ residents of Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem basic human rights starting with the most fundamental need: water. Aida Camp is exceptional in the West Bank as it is surrounded on two sides by the apartheid wall and has two Israeli military bases just next to it. From the watchtowers, the soldiers literally see into the cramped and crowded homes of the residents. The wall has cut them off from land once enjoyed by all residents and its presence is inescapable. Water delivery is blatantly insufficient and inconsistent. Residents went for 70 days without water in the summer of 2012. After two visits and many months, the 1for3 team has prepared a sustainable design and program, called the Aida Water Garden(AWG) to build cisterns and filtrations systems for rain, city and floodwaters. They have partnered with a local NGO, Lajee Center, to collaborate, oversee and maintain the project. Due to the restricted space, the 1for3 team designed the project to be multifunctional and extremely efficient. Additional phases in the same small area include a preschool, clinic, sports field, roof-top gardens and a media center to document and record the process. With this documentation, AWG can be replicated in other refugee camps and will promote global advocacy and awareness. 1for3's ultimate goal is to bring human rights to Palestinian refugees.



There are two ways you can contribute to 1for3: 1) Join the BWC team or 2) donate to the BWC team. All proceeds go directly to 1for3.


1. Instructions to Join the BWC Fundraising Team:

This means you will have a personal page within the BWC team that you can share with friends and family to help raise money. Joining the BWC team will register you for the walk.

  1. Follow this link: https://www.classy.org/checkout/register?eid=72255&ftid=72581

  2. Follow the registration instructions


2. Can’t make it to the walk but want to support BWC walkers?:

If you cannot participate in the walk, you can still participate by donating through the BWC team, either to the general BWC fundraising page or through someone on the BWC team’s individual page:

  1. Follow this link to the BWC Fundraising page: https://www.classy.org/fundraise/team?ftid=72581

  2. Enter an amount and click “Donate Now”

  3. You will see the prompt: “Would you like this donation to be credited to someone's fundraising page?”

    1. If you want your donation to go to the general BWC fundraising page, select “no thanks”

    2. If you want your donation to go to a specific BWC walker’s page, select their name. (All funds raised on this page will go to 1for3 under the BWC team name).

  4. Follow the prompts to complete your payment.