Around the Circle

Our Jagged Edges: Why I Organize for Immigrants Rights

Beginning this month, we will invite members of BWC's community to guest write blog posts, highlighting the diverse programs and campaigns we are working on. As October comes to an end, we are launching an ongoing solidarity campaign with Cosecha, a movement fighting for respect, dignity and permanent protection for all immigrants in the United States. Shule alum and young adult member Emily Bloch reflects on her BWC roots, the work she does as an organizer with Cosecha, connections to Sukes, and the importance of this upcoming election. 

Turning & Returning

High Holidays reflections from Jen Kiok, BWC Executive Director.

Making Connections: Rosh Hashanah D'var 2016

 “If roads are unconnected we must make a path.” This is what I ask of you today. Make an effort to understand others’ experiences, and then build paths. Make connections. Make people feel welcome. Speak up when you see or hear injustice. Reach out to those who might seem different from you. You might just find out that they’re not so different, after all. - Sarah Chapple-Sokol D'var, Rosh Hashanah 2016

New Fall Course: "In the Middle: Race, Justice and the Ashkenazim"

BWC is proud to present our Fall Adult Education course on anti-semitism facilitated by Chris Messinger. 

New Beginnings - A Message from Our Board President

The first post in a new monthly blog series highlighting different voices in our community. 

Statement in Support of the Movement for Black Lives

Jews Say Black Lives matter sign
The following is a statement from Boston Workmen's Circle in response to the Movement for Black Lives Platform and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston's statement. 

Our hearts are broken

Our hearts are broken. We mourn with the families of the victims of the Orlando shooting. We mourn with the Latinx community, with the LGBTQ community, with the Muslim community, and with the world.

Light vs. White, Oppression vs. Identity: Reflections on the Jews of Color National Convening from a Light Skinned Indigenous and Latina Woman

Rosa Blumenfeld, Boston Workmen's Circle Board President, shares her reflections about the national Jews of Color Convening that took place May 1-3 in New York City.

10 Year Olds on the Picket Line: 5th Grade Students Stand with Workers

The fifth-grade students from our Jewish Cultural Sunday School, joined by fast food workers from Fight for $15 Massachusetts and community supporters, held a protest Sunday afternoon at the Cleveland Circle Dunkin’ Donuts to call for a $15 per hour wage and the right to unionize for all fast-food workers.

The ten-year-olds and supporters shouted chants such as: “Hold the bagels, hold the crullers, Dunkin’s pay us 15 dollars!” and “What do we want? 15! When do we want it? Now!” before delivering to management over one hundred petition signatures they collected.

RaiseUp, Massachusetts!

The RaiseUp Massachusetts Campaign is fighting to require employers to offer earned sick time and raise the minimum wage, and Boston Workmen's Circle is standing with them.