Update on Transitions at Boston Workmen's Circle

—— A letter from the Transition Team at Boston Workmen's Circle ——
We are writing to update you about the executive transition at Boston Workmen's Circle. Lisa Gallatin left her job as Executive Director and ABV Director in August. The community came together at overflow High Holiday Services and at our recent Tribute to Lisa. We exceeded our expectations for funds raised and for positive community spirit, attendance and warmth shown at the Tribute event!
At our recent Community Meeting, we elected two new Board members. We welcomed Diana Parad and Jenny Hochstadt to our leadership. We also had a lively conversation with community members about how we see ourselves as a community and what characteristics we want in a new Executive Director. 
That conversation and the surveys that many of you filled out helped us to prepare an Executive Director position profile, which we recently sent out to all of you and to many others. We hope that you'll help us in the Executive Director search, with your suggestions of candidates and places to post. ABV has also put out a posting for a Chorus Director, and already has candidates to consider.
As our Interim Executive Director, Ann Silverman has been managing the day-to-day operations of our office, interacting with some of our funders, supervising staff, and supporting our leadership. Ann is in the office generally 3 days a week and can be reached at ann@circleboston.org.
All of the staff have been working hard to support our Shule, our programs, and our community. Jenny Silverman (who is not related to Ann) has stepped up to share her experience and knowledge of BWC with new staff. Simcha Halpert-Hanson began as our new JOIN Fellow/Community Organizer. 
Sadly, Seth Robinson, our Administrative Manager, has decided to move on by year end. Seth seeks to pursue his interest in chaplaincy. We've enjoyed having Seth around the office, and wish him well. We'll be advertising the Administrative Manager position soon, and welcome your suggestions on candidates or places to post. And we'll be getting out our end of the year fundraising appeal and a dues payment reminder to those who have not paid their 2014-15 membership dues. 
Thanks to all who have stepped up with extra volunteer efforts during the transition. We are lucky to have such a great community, and look forward to updating you further in the coming months.
Your transition leaders,
Rosa Blumenfeld
Marsha Lazar
Dianne Perlmutter
Ann Silverman