Shule Families Participating in Mitzvah Days

On Sunday, September 25th, new members and Shule parents Laura & Stewart Chritton, and their daughters, ages 7 and 9, joined other Shule families delivering meals and High Holiday supplies to folks in senior housing in Brighton.  Here's what they said about their experience: 

"We thoroughly enjoyed our September 25th Mitzvah Day experience of delivering Rosh Hashanah goody bags to the elderly in Brighton Senior Housing.  Hebrew Senior Life organized the bags and delivery instructions very clearly so that our job was made easy once at the site.  Each recipient was ready and waiting at their door for our arrival and greeted us with warm welcomes and heartfelt thanks for our personal delivery. The recipients paid special attention to our girls who proudly carried the bags into their kitchens and most had a chocolate treat to give to them in thanks for the delivery.

Our girls were skeptical about the whole experience before heading out as they had not been in the presence of old people in recent months and were nervous about what that would feel like.  Their first few knocks on doors were tentative due to this fear, but after they were received with such smiles and thanks, they warmed up to the process and were eager to make the rest of the deliveries.  All of us felt enormous joy at having shared the beginning of this New Year with such thankful, kind people.  We're looking forward to the next Mitzvah Day."