RaiseUp, Massachusetts!

The RaiseUp Massachusetts Campaign is fighting to require employers to offer earned sick time and raise the minimum wage, and Boston Workmen's Circle is standing with them. RaiseUp aims to raise the minimum wage for 650,000 low wage workers in MA from $8.00 to $10.50 an hour, and to implement earned sick time for the almost 1 million people currently working without it. If these measures pass, minimum-wage workers in MA will earn a living wage, and workers in MA will no longer risk losing their jobs if they or a member of their families becomes ill. The campaign needs to collect 226,000 signatures by November 20 in order to put this issue on the ballot in the midterm elections next fall - it is 76,000 signatures away from success. This will be possible if we mobilize.

That's why we are organizing Shule parents to collect signatures during Shule this Sunday, November 3, and are organizing folks to collect signatures on election night next Tuesday, November 5. Together we can make it happen!

Come by the Boston Workmen's Circle building this Sunday at 10:30 am to help us collect signatures, or contact Dylan at dylan@circleboston.org to collect signatures at the polls next Tuesday evening. And to learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved with RaiseUp Massachusetts, visit raiseupma.org.