Community Briefing on Workmen's Circle Building

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, February 28th for the community meeting about the Boston Workmen's Circle building sale and move. We value your input! If you missed the meeting but would like to submit a question or feedback, click here

We have known for years that the Boston Workmen's Circle building at 1762 Beacon St. is not wheelchair accessible. The space is both underused for much of the week, and can no longer house all of our burgeoning Shule programs on Sundays. Finally, it is extraordinarily expensive to maintain and make the space accessible.

After many years of working towards a solution to this problem, we have finally reached a resolution that we believe will lead to the long-term health and sustainability of our organization. 

After a thorough research process, the Boston Workmen's Circle Board is moving forward with the decision to sell our current building, and to search for a new home. This decision relies on the expertise of multiple consultants, the due-diligence of our staff and committees, and the involvement of our community members.

We envision Boston Workmen's Circle having a long-term home that is accessible to all. Our community will thrive in this place full of learning, singing, Yiddish, and inter-generational activism. 

At the community briefing we reviewed the facts and figures that brought us to this point, discussed the timeline moving forward, and then members asked questions and shared their feedback.

More information is posted in the documents below. If you have any questions or leads on a new space, please contact Michelle Weiser, our Communications & Development Manager who will ensure it gets directed to the appropriate person.