Better Wages and Workplace Rights for Fast-Food Workers

Join the Boston Workmen’s Circle’s Hey (5th grade) class in its annual labor protest! This year, the fifth grade students are marching on Burger King to call for a living wage of $15/hr and the right to unionize for its employees. This protest is part of a series of follow-up actions from the national day of action on December 5th, during which workers from around the country called for an end to poverty wages. In collaboration with MassUniting, the 5th grade class is standing in solidarity with fast food workers in their “fight for 15.”

The protest will take place on Sunday, January 12, from 1 - 2pm. Join us at 1:00pm in the parking lot at the entrance to the Franklin Park Zoo, Columbia Rd. and Blue Hill Ave. in Dorchester. There, we will meet with workers and other labor and union supporters and march to a nearby fast food franchise.

The Boston Workmen’s Circle Jewish Cultural Sunday School’s labor protest is inspired by the history of Jewish immigrants who toiled in textile sweatshops. Today, students are demanding that Burger King, as well as other fast-food chains, offer livable compensation, benefits, and workplace rights.

Help put pressure on Burger King by marching with our 5th grade class on January 12th!