2014 Zayin Class Presentations

On March 30, our Zayin (7th grade) Class presented their Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects to an audience of parents and close relatives, Shule families, and other members of the Boston Workmen's Circle community. The range of topics and the thoughtfulness, poise, and humor of our graduates was impressive, and filled us all with pride.

The individual projects are a key component of the seventh grade year, which culminates with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the end of May. At the ceremony, each student will present a personal statement on Jewish identity, followed by a joyous community celebration.

This year's Zayin class presented on:

  • Musicians during the Holocaust
  • When Jews Ruled the World (of Sports)
  • 53 Linden St: From Brooklyn to Brookline
  • The Shofar
  • The Chinese, the Jews and Me
  • Christopher Colombus and Jews at the Crossroads
  • Jewish Physicists and Big Decisions
  • Who Wrote the Ten Commandments and Why?
  • Reflections on Social Activism and Religion
  • From Shtetl to Seinfeld: the Marx Brothers & Jewish Humor