2012 Highlights

Happy new year! As 2013 stretches before us, we're pleased to look back on a year of packed community events, thought-provoking discussions, and programmatic growth. More transpired in 2012 than we can possibly list, but here are some highlights from the year:

  • We welcomed 250 attendees to a new venue for our biggest Community Seder yet, at which we added many symbols of the social change we wish to see - MidEast peace, solidarity with Immokalee tomato pickers and with the LGBT community, and food justice - to our seder plates.
  • The Mid East Working Group's events - such as Hot Topics and American Jews & Middle East Peace - drew crouds crowds to share respectful, thoughful discussion on the relationship between Zionism and Jewish identity, and on defining acceptable advocacy.
  • A spring full of Bread & Roses centennial events culminated in As We Come Marching: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Bread & Roses Strike. Packed into the Boston Teachers Union hall, the 600-person crowd thrilled to A Besere Velt (A Better World)'s performance of multi-lingual labor songs, and showered thunderous applause on honoree Gene Bruskin and on Shule students past and present who have led or participated in the Children's Protest Against Sweatshops.
  • This year's Annual Meeting included an intense discussion about the place of and need for spirituality in our community, and has sparked an ongoing project of creating opportunities for spirituality that fit our community's needs - including updated holiday rituals, and the ongoing Second Friday Shabes dinners.
  • The Solidarity Series - a new initiative organized by the Acting for Economic Justice Committee and led by young adults - discussed solidarity economies and cooperative ways to live and grow, including lessons from the mutual aid history of the Workmen's Circle.
  • Yiddish classes continue to be so popular that we have added a third teacher to our roster.
  • Expanded programming for younger children has taken off, including a Kindergarten class in the Shule, and Circle Playtime for children ages 0-5.
  • Finally, we welcomed a new staff member, Leah Hoover, and bid farewell to a longstanding one, Leah Madsen.